... Chicco

Italians are known for their strong sense of family, which is exactly what drove entrepreneur Pietro Catelli to start the company Chicco, more than 50 years ago – marking the birth of his son. Since then the traditional Italian brand has stood for baby clothing, children’s fashion, and everything young mothers, babies and toddlers could desire – ranging from toys to child safety seats, as well as prams or basic baby equipment.

Over 6,000 employees worldwide ensure that Chicco manufactures innovative, age-appropriate and child-friendly products. What do children need? What makes them happy? What fosters their development? And, above all: how can we improve the world in which our children are growing up in? These questions can only be answered if you engage with children every day – something that Chicco has been doing successfully for many years.

Manuela Rhode is responsible for the communication & PR campaign, the VIP events and the press activities related to the Chicco Store in the „ Lauben“ in Bolzano, one of the busiest shopping promenades in the south Tyrolean state capitol. New collections are regularly staged in pictures and words in the national and international lifestyle and daily press.