... 3M Germany

45 platform technologies, 7,000 researchers, 25,000 patents, and 50,000 products make 3M one of the world’s most innovative companies. The diversified U.S. company develops and produces a steady stream of new and ingenious product solutions, which can be found in almost all areas of life, industry, healthcare and technology. The company’s vast product range includes adhesives and sealants, micro-replication and nano-technology as well as products for dentistry and orthodontics.

manuela rhode communications accompanied the opening of the European technology centre at the head office of 3M Germany with national and international media work. Our agency also took care of the press reception at the opening ceremony. PR activities ranged from planning and implementation of the “European Journalist Conference” for technology and science journalists from 10 European countries, all the way to the company’s corporate communications.